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Wednesday, August 17, 2011 6:53 AM

Sunday, July 24, 2011 5:37 PM has given me a rough time. Ignorance won over me that instead of changing its domain I made one. Tyring not to be pissed rn haha.

And i thought i'd keep this for forever

8:51 AM

...but I'm such a blog nomad and I feel like starting with a clean slate without having to delete every bit of memory here. So long my 4th year blog.

You've been with me through thick and thin. ( haha what am I saying ) But really reading my archives never fails to make me emotional haha. From being very very very depressed with what happened to my first few weeks of senior year to being overjoyed in passing UP, UST and ATENEO 3/3 ohyeah.

It's a new chapter.

Friday, July 22, 2011 9:25 PM

Day 01: Describe yourself in five words & explain.
Day 02: Describe your Tumblr.
Day 03: Describe each member of your family.
Day 04: Describe your general attitude towards life.
Day 05: Favorite band/artist?
Day 06: Favorite weather?
Day 07: Favorite color?
Day 08: Favorite kind/types of food?
Day 09: Best way to earn your respect.
Day 10: Best thing about yourself.
Day 11: Best years of school (elementary, middle, high, or college).
Day 12: Best day of your life.
Day 13: List five goals/dreams.
Day 14: List five things you are thankful for.
Day 15: List some of your hobbies.
Day 16: List songs that bring back memories of a certain event & explain.
Day 17: Write a letter to your friends (as a whole).
Day 18: Write a letter to an inanimate object.
Day 19: Write a letter to a character in a book or movie.
Day 20: Write a letter to yourself.
Day 21: Your definition of love?
Day 22: Your definition of happiness?
Day 23: Your definition of strength?
Day 24: Your definition of success?
Day 25: Closing thoughts about this challenge/yourself/life/etc.


Sunday, June 26, 2011 7:49 AM


Never gonna slack like this anymore. SO GOING TO STUDY STARTING TOM.

not YET

Sunday, June 12, 2011 11:36 PM

I told you I break blog promises!!! please keep in mind that i dont break real life promises, just blog promises. My internet ways are sooo messed up that I always find myself site hopping whether it be in japanese or korean or chinese or thai or whatever.

Today marks my last day before college. OMFG I CANNOT EVEN. This is a perfect mix of excitement, fear, nervousness and everything else!

My fear would have been lesser if i werent blockless and my sched fivygewrut. but then i still trust God that He knows what He's doing. :) we can do this!!

I can do this right? :( SO SO SO SO *fitting adjective* RIGHT NOW.

what makes me more emotinionally unprepared is that I RECENTLY MADE (successfully) MY HOMPIJ (yup ganon dapat tawag) I wish I had lots of time to discover things and shizzzz. (but my 3 day activation is still going on)

evgfiurqvfbgeryvbrevyre and it's been a week since i have been learning a new language. I want to keep on learning it but them here goes my academics. And this time, my academics are for sure, heavy. Heaviest from all that i have encountered. So Help me God.



Tuesday, June 7, 2011 1:26 AM

Day 1 - What happened today? If it was the last day of your life, how satisfied would you be with your final hours?
Day 2 - Who are you? In comparison to who you used to be. What made you change?

Day 3 - Where have you been spending your time lately? Three/Five/Ten years ago would you have expected to be there?
Day 4 - What do you think it means to be in love?
Day 5 - Pick a song that projects the same mood as your day or week and explain.
Day 6 - Talk about a recent experience that has effected you greatly and how.

Day 7 - Think of the last person you hugged. What would you do if they vanished completely?

Day 8 - Write about the first moment that comes to your head when you read the words "childhood memory"
Day 9 - Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Day 10 - Did you have a good day or a bad day? Where do you think that defining line was?
Day 11 - Do you feel protective over someone?

Day 12 - If you could trade places with anyone for one week, who would it be and why?
Day 13 - Where do you see your best friend in 10 years?

Day 14 - When you are stressed, what can you use as an outlet? Why do you think it helps you?
Day 15 - What do you believe in? And not just God or atheism.
Day 16 - What are you passionate about?

Day 17 - Is there anything you would you like to change about yourself?

Day 18 - Talk about your extended family. Why do you think they are the way they are?

Day 19 - If you could be anywhere in the world, but you had to be there for a certain cause, where would you be and why?

Day 20 - Again, pick a song that projects the mood of your week or day.

Day 21 - Look back. Why did you choose this challenge? Do you think it says anything about you?

Day 22 - How do you think people see you? Be a little negative and a little positive.

Day 23 - Explain your life plan for the next month, then the next year, then three years, then five years.
Day 24 - Are you more social or independent? Why do you think that is?
Day 25 - What do you think it means to be a good parent?

Day 26 - Talk about a moment where you were truly happy. What was happening? Who were you with?

Day 27 - Is there a friend you are worried about? Why do they have you concerned? Do you think they'll be okay?

Day 28 - Would you rather someone tell you the truth up front but gently, or be lied to to spare your feelings?

Day 29 - If you could be doing the same things you do now, only in your own way, how would a normal day in your life go?
Day 30 - Look back on this last month and talk about it.